"Amy has been truly inspirational throughout our journey into parenthood. Not only did her prenatal yoga class create an atmosphere of comfort and release in which to bond with baby, her Bradley method classes set us up for success to birth our son in a knowledgeable and intentional way. Amy went above and beyond as our Doula, and was a calm and peaceful presence in the room as our son was born. Amy is a true creator of community, cares deeply about all of her students and lives her values through all of the money she donates to charities that support birth and women's health. We feel truly blessed that Amy has become a part of our lives."

-Terra Simieritsch

"Our experience with Amy provided us all the knowledge necessary for the miracle of childbirth. We enjoyed the fun and comfortable learning environment that Amy created. Excellent hands on relaxation technics that were a valuable asset when giving birth to our daughter, and still helped with the birth of our son two years latter. My husband found the information an excellent preparation for his role as labor support. Thank you again Amy for the fun practical and informative experience."

- Shianna pace RM

Amy's class was exactly what I needed. After a very difficult and long first labor, I was looking a different experience with my second baby. I wanted to learn how to relax more (if possible) during childbirth, and learn some better labor techniques to help me through the labour process. Amy's class gave me just that. Her genuine and fun demeanour puts everyone to ease, and the layout of her class gave me the tools to support the childbirth I desired. From watching birthing movies that broadened my perspective, to learning techniques to relax through discomfort to allow the body to do what it naturally knows how to do to. My second delivery experience was incredible. Even though I had to be induced at 42 weeks, I was able to handle and relax/work through the process to give birth naturally to a 10 pound 9 ounce beautiful baby. Thank you for helping us Amy!

-Joanne Malar & Delano Ducheck

"Amy's class showed us that birth was not something to be feared but rather something to be experienced. Because of her we embraced the opportunity to pursue a natural child birth. The births of our children, at home, were two of most exhilarating and incredible experiences in our lives. I am so thankful that we were able to rediscover the wonder of something women have be doing for centuries through Amy. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fun, honest perspective on natural child birth!!"

-Katharine Smart Myden

"While I have the chance, I also want to thank you for leading yoga in the park. I love it so much! It is so special to do yoga with the grass under your feet and the sky above, and to be able to do this with my daughter. It isn't just great that she is included because I have no child care for her during the day, it's great because she gets something from that experience too. She loves to be outside, she is usually calmer and more independent when we are doing yoga in the park, and she loves to be around other babies and toddlers. She even tries some of the moves with us, and I hope it will help her to grow into a yoga practitioner. I also love that this activity supports mother health international. I think you are super!
Thank you!"

-Sarah Hayduk